Radhika Apte featuring nude film to support Shweta Basu

Tamil, Telugu films sensation made the Shweta Basu recently arrested in prostitution case.

The police put him in the incubator for women. Released after court. He is currently starring in films again.

At this stage in the Hollywood film featuring nude Swetha Basu support for Radhika Apte said. The nude picture web sites, vats apkalilum is spread.

Stealth has released this video of someone in front of the picture rilicakum. It was a shock to the crew. Watts-up naked video, Internet sites, according to the film’s director Anurag Kashyap issuing find and punish the Mumbai police has reported.

Radhika Apte said, the film featuring nude fault. I was not worried about the nude video was released.

Radhika Apte said cuvetapacu favor,

Radhika Apte played the scene mongers have spread on the Internet. Best director Anurag Kashyap. She is the daughter. So this scene will not take abuse. Will be taking cautious.

There were only two women in the arena when the scene was shot. Tiraiyitappatatu in India as well as overseas, the film confirmed that the language has rilicakum. But mongers have it published.

Radhika Apte said fault featuring nude film.