Vijay next movie local track compose Gv prakash

Vijay starrer ‘Boss’ film GV Prakash scored. To act in film after film GV Vijay icaiyamaikkavirukkirar Attlee.

This is his 50th film composition. Adly published in motion ‘rajarani’ jivipirakastan composed music for film. All of the songs super hit film.

Similarly Adly Vijay will play the songs in the new film that will hittakka seriously started composing music. Kuttuppatal, is a place in which to receive.

Do not fall in any film so far in terms of the kuttuppatal song would be his ticket to the local level, the song was a special treat for all the fans to be said that the GV. The dance and the song, Vijay said he was eager to see.

Vijay is currently on sliver of God movement, ‘Tiger’ is starring in the film. The shooting is going to be interesting. Filming finished, Attlee Vijay is playing.